My Light + Building 2016:
Gavriil Papadiotis, Senior Designer,
Lighting Design International

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The best new product I saw was…

Not until my 3rd day in Frankfurt. No one can argue that almost everyone has something new and (most of the time) exciting to exhibit. I have my top 5 new products list but could not narrow my selection down until I spoke to my friend Tülin the second night there. The new LED track by EUTRAC opens up completely new dimensions in the development of puristic minimalist LED track spot lights without the need for big driver cases, as they claim. This combined with up to 48V DC track systems (maximum current 25A) supports DALI, DMX and 0-10V dimming. As far as I know, up until now only Mike Stoane Lighting, Delta light and XAL have developed new spots for this system (photos below) but I am sure more people will follow.

2. Mike Stoane A photo
Mike Stoane TTX2.50.LV equipped with a Xicato XIM module (9mm LES).

3. Mike Stoane B photo
New fitting on 48V track (RHS) almost comparable in size with the adjacent fitting’s driver.

4. Delta light photo
Delta light spots for 48V LED track.

The best stand was …

In my humble opinion – by Prolicht. These guys focused on providing an experience and their ‘guest listed’ area was designed to look like a winter chalet. An ideal way to break away from the surrounding chaos with private tours of their new product range. Added bonus was the very practical messenger bag they were offering after having teamed up with their local bag manufacturer Gluxwerk. Needless to say how popular these became.

5. Prolicht A photo

6. Prolicht B photo

7. Prolicht C photo

The best talk/lecture I attended was…

Not in Light + Building. With the thousands of products/distractions all around I personally prefer attending lectures during a dedicated lighting conference, so I am really looking forward to IALD’s Enlighten Americas (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in October) and Enlighten Europe (Prague, Czech Republic in November) this year.

The best social event I attended was…

Catching up with a few good friends over wine and dinner. That’s all I needed after two full days of product hunting and having wandered around the cold streets of Frankfurt in search of the Luminale installations. The XAL party was also very impressive as these guys literally turned their stand into a high-end club.

I was inspired by…

ERCO’s monochromatic installation at the back of their stand. Simple execution of recessed linear uplights to graze up the ‘light digital’ textured font, while silhouetting dark figures on a white wall. Great way to also rest your eyes after having spent a few hours staring at all kinds of decorative fittings.

8. Erco light digital photo
DGA’s beautifully set stand also grabbed by attention.

9. DGA hand photo
Last but not the least, Ingo Maurer’s work and tribute to the simple light bulb.

10. Ingo Maurer 5 butterflies photo
Five butterflies.

I wish they would…

Create a dedicated mobile app for both Light + Building and Luminale. The respective websites are not that user-friendly or fast enough. Simple things like a slightly bigger map of the various halls, the ability to log into a personal account to mark favourite stands or to keep product notes would definitely help. A couple of app shortcuts might also come in handy e.g. ‘locate after hours snacks/kebabs’, ‘directions from my location to the Irish pub’ etc.

11. Louis Poulsen Artichoke photo
Louis Poulsen Artichoke.

My lasting impression of Light + Building 2016 is…

Technology advances so rapidly that only two years is enough time for a very advanced, new product to be superseded. Well thought concepts and executed designs though are what make certain luminaires timeless.

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