My PLDC 2017
Carl Everett, Principal
Sense Lighting

The best talk/lecture(s) I attended was/were…..
Mark Major // Communicating light + darkness: thoughts about visual communication and light
Tapio Rosenius // Antidisciplinary design
James Benya // World’s first LEED and WELL Platinum project
Michael Grubb // Creating retail experiences, not showrooms!

The best social event I attended was……
FLOS party, I guess? Party was okay, but it kicked off a great night on the town with the UK crew. Was good to get away from the ‘official’ events and spend time in Paris with other attendees.

I was inspired by……
It’s atypical for me, but I was actually inspired by the theme at this event. With everything changing so quickly, not only in terms of technology but also within the business itself and in the larger construction and design sectors, “Shift Happens” as a theme was relevant AND it seemed to be a directive.

The best new product(s) I saw was/were….
Meh, nothing too revolutionary.

The best installation(s) I saw was/were….
Really with I had signed up for the Proximities installation earlier in the week. Did not end up experiencing it. I also prioritized the conf lectures over the other installation I wanted to see, synesthesia, but response to that seemed muted, so maybe not too much was missed.

The theme for 2017 was “Shift happens”. What “shifts” in thought, practice or technology did you take note of?
1. A shift in architectural lighting design away from being a field with standardized processes and goals that are applicable to all projects. While the basics of designing a home or office space for example will likely remain as they have been, the overall breadth of the field seems to be growing to encompass a larger set of project types. Fixtures also are no longer the only source of light that designers must work with. Other light-making devices inclusive of video, media, and interactivity are becoming more relevant than ever in our practice.

2. An unfortunate shift away from standardized dimming & control technologies like triac dimming, ELV, 0-10v, and DMX towards a world of more proprietary control technologies including Bluetooth and manufacturer-designed control systems. Further, the convergence of LED drivers and control interfaces (dimmer switches, button stations, control panels) into unified proprietary systems is troubling. Manufacturers should keep LED drivers and control mechanisms as very separate parts of a system that allow a designer to mix and match controls and LED Drivers that are not inter-dependent on one another.

My overall feeling about PLDC 2017 is…..
Good show. Lectures seemed to be more based in opinions and less based in research than Rome 2 yrs ago, but with the theme being Shift Happens, perhaps a more opinion-fueled show is only appropriate.

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