My PLDC 2017
Dashak Agarwal
Thea Light Works

The best talk/lecture(s) I attended was/were…..

We saw a mix bag of talks this time. However, for me its usually the keynote that really gets me going for the day/session.

Kathryn Gustafon, and her talk about light for plants and landscape really let me to believe that we “human centric ” lighting is not enough. We have to go the extra mile and design spaces with light for Greens first and then Humans.

The best social event I attended was……

Of course, the gala dinner and the after party.

I was inspired by……

the “Social Rationale” that I got a deep insight into from the Configuring Light Workshop I attended. The collaboration of Sociology and Lighting design, is definitely the need of the hour .

I wish they would……

Get more off beat , non Lighting design related talks.
All conference room’s be of the same size, except the maybe the keynote.

The best new product(s) I saw was/were….

Not new, but it was quiet interesting to see RCL around and after their Opera House project in Dubai, I am definitely looking forward to using it.

The theme for 2017 was “Shift happens”. What “shifts” in thought, practice or technology did you take note of?

All conferences need to have the so called “shift”. Why else would one attend it?

I did see that there is more and more talk about “human centric” design methods, but also some avenues like roads, cars, plants etc.

Personally, being from a non urban/public space design background, I am taking back with me a whole lot of knowledge.

My overall feeling about PLDC 2017 is-

An avenue where we are not bogged too much with the commercial aspect of the field and more focussed towards design, like any other lighting event which is held in Europe or Asia.

This is my second time here, I got a chance to present my paper on “Light colour temperature: exploring it relevance with the Indian multicultural context”

The paper was well received , and we were quiet surprised to see the turn out, as Mark Major was presenting at the same time in another track.

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