New options of creative office lighting: ERCO Skim recessed and surface-mounted luminaires

Introducing a host of new models, ERCO has upgraded Skim from a range of downlights to a cohesive system of lighting tools designed specifically for a variety of visual tasks in offices and administration buildings. A new smaller version adds versatility to the designer luminaire, the new extra wide flood distribution optimises its efficiency – its flat surface-mounted design and simple style can now enhance existing buildings or modern architecture with thermally activated ceilings.

The ERCO Skim range of downlights is a successful and accomplished system of lighting tools for the illumination of offices, corridors, foyers and circulation zones in administration buildings, as well as for retail projects. Since its launch in 2014 as an uncomplicated and affordable introduction to perfect light based on sophisticated LED photometrics, the recessed luminaires with wide flood and oval flood characteristics have inspired designers and users alike with their uncompromising light quality and efficiency, optimum visual comfort, easy planning and quick installation – matched only by a visual aesthetic that gives them an almost magical appearance. With its characteristic lens made of optical polymer, Skim adds style and elegance to the era of digital light.

From entry-level product to complete system
Whilst the options for creative lighting design with ERCO have since been extended to include a black version of the Skim downlight with white anti-glare cone, the new products unveiled this year will advance Skim to a complete, logically structured and versatile system: based on the features of the recessed models, the ERCO designers developed a separate range of surface-mounted luminaires; both Skim ranges now also include a smaller version as well as the new extra wide flood distribution option.

Lighting tools of choice for thermally activated ceilings
High quality surface-mounted luminaires are the ideal lighting solution for ceiling structures that prevent recessed mounting. This is frequently the case in projects involving retrofits or upgrades of existing infrastructure, but also applies increasingly to new, energy-efficient buildings with formidable, thermally activated concrete ceilings. Skim surface-mounted luminaires are the preferred choice, particularly in an office setting, guaranteeing optimum glare control. Featuring the sophisticated lens system inherent to the recessed Skim luminaire with its shallow recess depth, similarly compact dimensions of the surface-mounted model result in a cylinder height of less than 12cm – making it particularly suitable for spaces with low ceilings.

The exclusive cylindrical design of the housing made of cast aluminium with integrated control gear acts as a heat sink ensuring excellent thermal management for reliable operation. The close dialogue between developers and users reflects in practical details such as snap hooks to secure the luminaire during installation, the possibility of through-wiring or the optional spacers for surface-mounting.

New size 3: Small, sophisticated, powerful
With the new small versions of recessed and surface-mounted lighting tools, the Skim range now offers maximum flexibility in lighting design, with differentiated and precisely defined lumen packages. Offering highly compact dimensions and a shallow recess depth, the minimised Skim provides sufficiently high levels of luminous flux even for rooms with high ceilings.

Skim recessed luminaires provide superbly efficient light especially in offices and administration buildings – for superior illumination that meets current standards at the workplace, in prestigious areas, lounges, circulation areas or secondary spaces. As an aesthetic alternative to conventional grid solutions, Skim achieves an elegant, minimal ceiling design in any office.

Extra efficient: the new extra wide flood light distribution
True to the ERCO luminaire system concept, Skim now joins the Quintessence downlights in featuring the new extra wide flood lens for consistent and reliable planning. With a beam angle of 90° and a 30° cut-off, it combines an exceptionally wide beam with glare-free downlights so as to increase the recommended luminaire spacing to 1.5 times the distance above the working plane. This means only six luminaires are needed to achieve superbly uniform ambient lighting with a median illuminance of 300lx in a 50sqm space with a 3m ceiling height.

Photometric precision without compromises
Featuring the system design inherent to all luminaires in the range, Skim shares the quality features and characteristics of most other ERCO recessed luminaires, such as the light colours warm white (3000K) and neutral white (4000K). Strict selection of high-power LEDs within the tightest viable parameters guarantees optimum colour consistency (SDMC <2), while the L90/B10 specification of all ERCO lighting tools ensures a long life and low-maintenance operation, meaning that up to 50,000 operating hours, 90% of all LEDs still have 90% or more of their initial luminous flux. Control gear options include switchable, phase dimmable or DALI version.

Technical features
2 sizes: Size 3, size 5
ERCO lens system: Optical polymer, light distributions: wide flood, extra wide flood, oval flood, 18/28W
ERCO LED module: High-power LEDs on metal core PCB, light colours: warm white or neutral white, 3000 or 4000K
Unified Glare Rating: For workplace lighting from UGR 15.7
Control gear: Switchable, phase dimmable or DALI dimmable
Housing: Cast aluminium, designed as heat sink Recessed luminaires, folding spring fixing for ceiling thicknesses of up to 40mm, covered mounting detail

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