New to the WE-EF range:
Round-shaped LED bollards with
asymmetrical distribution

Bollards are important lighting instruments for landscape architects. They offer an aesthetically appealing solution for the illumination of public spaces and pathways or private premises. WE-EF has a wide range of bollards and is now presenting the CFY259 LED as a new round bollard with asymmetrical distribution.

Fitted with an indirect lens the CFY259 LED offer excellent visual comfort and, thanks to their simple organic shape, they blend seamlessly into different urban landscapes by day and night. As the bollards come in two sizes – the smaller with a height of 685 mm and the larger with a height of 1085 mm – they can be adapted to different spatial proportions. Currently, the single-sided version is available, with the double-side version due for release in the autumn.!/aus/news/news-cfy259-led

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