New WE-EF [P45] lens ensures that pedestrian crossings are clearly visible

WE-EF offers different types of LED lenses for its street and area luminaires that conform to standards and meet the demands of efficient street and area lighting. The new [P45] lens is now available specifically for lighting pedestrian crossings. It can be fitted as standard in the PFL540, PFL240, RFL540-SE, VFL540 and VFL540-SE product families. This enables lighting systems with a uniform luminaire design to be specified – ranging from the different classes of general street lighting to the lighting of public spaces and pedestrian crossings. The first luminaires to be switched to LEDs are at the Elbeallee pedestrian crossing in Bielefeld city of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. They show the potential for better visual conditions coupled with lower power consumption and drastically lower maintenance costs.

The CAD-optimised [P45] lens, which is made of PMMA, is precisely tailored to the special requirements of pedestrian crossings. The distribution tapers softly at the edges of the assessment field. This creates a balanced transition to the next nearest luminaire of normal street lighting and prevents dangerous dark areas in front of or behind the pedestrian crossing. At the same time, the soft edges of the distribution allow certain tolerances in the location of the luminaires; this leeway is particularly welcome when existing poles are used.

To ensure that the lighting is always right for the locality of the project concerned, the delivery scope of the [P45] lenses always includes light planning from WE-EF. This ensures that the lighting solution complies with the requirements of the “directive for creating and equipping pedestrian crossings, R-FGÜ 2001” and the DIN 67523 and DIN EN 13201 standards. Compliance with these standards is not only relevant to providing good visual conditions; it also ensures that the operator is legally protected.

The lens comes as standard in the following street and area luminaires:
PFL540 LED post mounted/side entry
PFL240 LED version side entry
RFL540-SE LED side entry
VFL540 LED post mounted
VFL540-SE LED side entry!/int

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