Novemberfest 2018!

ERCO and Jadecross hosted yet another Novemberfest spectacular in the legendary Munich Brauhaus beer house in the Rocks.

Celebrated in a true Bavarian style ERCO and Jadecross offered the best authentic German craft beer and schnapps paired with the Munich delicacies – warm pretzels, pork knuckles and mighty German sausage platters loaded with sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and schnitzels.

Over 100 specifiers including architects, engineers, lighting designers, and interior designers had numerous ‘prost’ to a successful and productive year end!

Munich Brauhaus musicians spiced up the celebration with the festive vibe of good music and dance.

Nathan Wilson – Rynell, Regional Manager of ERCO Oceania: “after another busy year it was great to take a moment and relax with some friends before the Christmas rush!”


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