Xbox Kinect launch in Germany. Interactive projection mapping by Seeper

Set at the highly visible Stachus in central Munich, this project attracted hoards of participants. Immersed in… Read More

Christopher Knowlton joins Electrolight in Guest Designer role

Electrolight welcomes Christopher Knowlton to their studio. Christopher who has relocated to Melbourne from London joins their… Read More

The Donn Salisbury Interview. Director, Vision Design

Donn Salisbury is still coming down from a high. Understandable really. He has after all, just helped… Read More

Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) by Vision Design

Located on the banks of the River Derwent in Hobart, MONA is a three-level cliff-face museum on… Read More

Macquarie Bank, One Shelley St, King St Wharf Sydney by Vision Design

Brookfield Multiplex’s One Shelley Street, King Street Wharf, is a striking combination of beauty, function and sustainability…. Read More

The Lamborghini Project by The Media Merchants, Canada

The Media Merchants Lamborghini Project combined leading projection technology and art for an exclusive projection mapping event… Read More

Art and architecture – an indivisible unit. Zumtobel creates fascinating façade lighting for urban spaces

(Illuminated Nordwesthaus on Lake Constance) Nowadays, illuminated façades are a feature of every cityscape. Scarcely has daylight… Read More

Feel-o-meter. Live mood-tracking art installation in Lidau, Germany

“Fuehlometer” (Feel-o-meter) or “Public Face” is an interactive art installation that shows the mood of a city… Read More

Light Meets Asia at the second edition of iLight Marina Bay, Singapore

(Immersion (2011) Martin Bevz & Kathryn Clifton, Australia) i Light Marina Bay 2012, the second edition of… Read More

World première for eL Masterpiece by Daniel Libeskind and Zumtobel

Art Basel Miami Beach is the most important art show in the United States. In this exclusive… Read More

Rivers of Light. 2011 City.People.Light Award Winner by Rafael Gallego (áureolighting) and Lara Elbaz

Lighting Design as a Touristic and Cultural Attraction. Beauty and Sustainability for the Spanish city of Valladolid… Read More

West Leigh Baptist Church, Architectural Glass by Sarah Galloway

West Leigh Baptist Church held its opening celebratory service on 26 November 2011.  Designed by Essex based… Read More

Valladolid wins First Prize in 2011 City.People.Light Awards

The city of Valladolid in Spain has been awarded the first prize in the 2011 city.people.light awards,… Read More

Helsinki to build a permanent Light Art Piece For WDC2012

Architectural lighting design firm LDC (Lighting Design Collective S.L.) has been awarded a prize to realize a… Read More

EELS 3D Projection Mapping Multiplayer Game

EELS is an R&D project developed at B-Reel London. It combines various technologies into a multiplayer game… Read More

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