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‘Lights Per Second’ by Martin Borini

The project consists on a real-time audiovisual performance in a full immersive designed space. Using special visuals,… Read More

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‘SFERA’ by XAA arquitecture
and MID studio

SFERA is a light and sound reactive installation shaped like a dome that is reflected by a… Read More

Illumni Lighting Design Jobs:
Assistant Lighting Designers
Speirs + Major, London

Speirs + Major are independent award-winning international designers who work with light. We have positions available in… Read More


What can a connected lighting platform do for your business? How can it add value to your… Read More


Today the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership opens its call for submissions for the Luminothérapie 2019-20 competition, marking… Read More

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‘Hypra’ by Tim Jockel

Audio-visual performance featuring Majid Kessab. Concept, design and film by Tim Jockel. Music by Yessian Music /… Read More

Illumni Lighting Design Jobs:
Lighting Designer Position
Sirius Lighting Office (HK) Limited

Sirius Lighting Office (HK) Limited is an architectural lighting design / lighting consultancy firm established in 2011… Read More

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‘Morph’ by Nick Perillo

Morph is made from 155 custom made touch sensitive and illuminated actuator modules connected by a flexible… Read More

At Light + Building 2018 WE-EF will be presenting innovations plus new and attractive ideas for street and area, and architectural lighting

Well-planned exterior lighting ensures good visual conditions, orientation and safety on streets and in public spaces, on… Read More

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‘Cone’ by Osman Koc

Premiered at the art/tech/music festival Luminary(Expanded), “CONE” is a sound reactive light installation by Osman Koc, that… Read More

Preschoolers exposed to nighttime light lack melatonin

Exposing preschoolers to an hour of bright light before bedtime almost completely shuts down their production of… Read More

ERCO events at Light + Building

Going to Light + Building next week, then you need one of these… ERCO’s new, larger booth… Read More

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‘Fracture’ by Jessica Lloyd-Jones

This kaleidoscopic light-wall installation displaying holographic colour and pattern. www.jessicalloyd-jones.com

New LRC Study Tests the Impact
of Circadian Light on Alertness
in Office Workers

In 2017 the Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute published a groundbreaking study showing that… Read More

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‘Kaleidoscope’ by Karina Smigla-Bobinski

Karina Smigla-Bobinski is creating interactive apparatuses generating astonishing visual effects. When using those objects, one always arrives… Read More