Philips Dynalite launches ‘AntumbraTouch’ user interface in Australia and New Zealand

Philips Dynalite AntumbraTouchW_Front_OFF

Philips Dynalite has released AntumbraTouch, the anticipated second user interface design in its Antumbra range for networked control systems used in high-end residential, hospitality and commercial market segments.

Philips Dynalite AntumbraTouchW_Angled_OFF

The new AntumbraTouch has a smooth glass finish and uses ‘capacitive touch’ technology to detect the presence of a finger on various locations of the glass to trigger the button-press action, similar to that of a smart phone interface.

Like the AntumbraButton user interface, the AntumbraTouch panel can be custom configured to have different button combinations and perform a vast range of functions that enable users to create local lighting scenes, monitor temperature and manage site-wide networked devices such as blinds and HVAC systems.

The architecturally minimalist Antumbra panel features hidden sensory inputs including proximity sense, light level sense, and finally temperature sense for control of the local environment and to reduce the need for additional unsightly temperature sensors.

Philips Dynalite AntumbraTouchB_Front_ON

Using the latest in ‘field-effect technology’, the panel is able to detect a user’s presence and will ‘light up’, resulting in a wall wash effect welcoming the user to interact with the device. When the user moves away, the light wash effect around the panel fades away, allowing the panel to merge into the wall architecture.

Philips Dynalite AntumbraTouchW_Front_ON

To ensure the Antumbra range sets the standard for user interfaces from both a design and an engineering perspective, Philips Dynalite took a collaborative approach to development, consulting widely with customers and the channel network. As a result of this approach, the AntumbraButton product design was recently recognised by the ADIA with a 2013 Design Award.

Philips Dynalite AntumbraTouchB_Front_OFF

A range of different finish options are available to suit any interior. AntumbraTouch fascias are available in black or white and can be combined with black, white, aluminium or chrome rim colours.

Philips Dynalite AntumbraTouchB_Angled_OFF

An additional graphical display user-interface panel will be added to the Antumbra range later in 2014.

Antumbra is available from accredited Philips Dynalite resellers only.

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