‘Rise of the machines’ by Steve Gerges

Rise of the machines is a kinetic light installation dealing with artificial intelligence and robots awakening.

“Rise of the machines” is a reflection based on the concepts of artificial intelligence (AI) and the different consequences this could have on our future lives.
The concept develops around a representation of factory robots working in accordance within their daily routine. At one point, one robot becomes conscious and “wakes up” through AI and contaminates / connects with other robots to the point where they take control of their movement and life.

The installation was released at the multiplica Festival in february 2017 in Luxembourg.
(The first Digital Arts Festival in Luxembourg)


Concept & Art Direction:
Steve Gerges (stevegerges.com)

Lighting Design:
Nina Schaeffer (thunderboltandlightning.com)

Sound Design:
Max Roger (maxroger.com)

Technical Equipment:

Video Shooting:
Raoul Henri (welcometoskin.com)

Steve Gerges

rotondes.lu (2017)

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