‘Rotor’ by Volna

The audiovisual installation “Rotor” was inspired by the idea of time machine. While the machine does not transport people to the past or the future, it does something nearly as impossible in the information age: it helps viewers stay in and more fully experience the present moment, embedding them in a kind of permanent present, by watching the imaginary rotation of a light cylinder. Its shape is inspired by the so called Tipler cylinder time-machine concept, which is based on the assumption that an infinitely long cylindrical material volume rotating along its longitudinal axis could bring about certain space and time warps, making time travel possible.

Installation consists of 72 RGB laser modules mounted on cylindrical steel frame of 2,4 meter in diameter. Continuous high-speed animations from an array of coloured laser beams create a sense of spinning matter, while a series of animation patterns generate a stroboscopic effect of the cylinder’s rotation. To some viewers it may seem as if its “rotation” is slower or even proceeds in the opposite direction than in reality, as if they were near an actual Tipler cylinder. Sound and animation are played in sync creating endless colorful noise-ambient environment.

Concept, production and video: VOLNA
Camera/photo: Polina Korotaeva, VOLNA
Music and sound design: Sergey Kostyrko (sergeykostyrko.bandcamp.com)
Electronics assembly: Alexey Belyakov
Special thanks: Artem Zotikov, Viktor Smolenskiy, William Cohen
Project commissioned by Roots United for Present Perfect Festival 2018
© VOLNA (2018)

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