Rüya Dubai by into Lighting

Overlooking Dubai’s exquisite Marina, Rüya is a restaurant and bar located within the Grosvenor House Hotel, a Luxury Collection hotel in Dubai. The venue is accessed from both the hotel and via street level.

Into were appointed by d.ream (Dogus Restaurant Entertainment and Management Group) to work alongside Conran and Partners to realise the lighting aspect of their vision for a glamorous, vibrant and contemporary Anatolian and Turkish restaurant and bar. The concept was to showcase the rich heritage of Anatolian and Turkish cuisine but with a modern styling for a contemporary international audience.

Scope: Interior Lighting design all front of house areas

The lighting design brief

Into were briefed by the client and Conran and Partners to provide a theatrical and layered lighting scheme within the venue, which comprises a mixture of indoor and outdoor dining areas, a bar and lounge area with DJ and an external terrace offering stunning views of the Marina. The lighting was to enhance the space both throughout the day and into the night to compliment the function of each space whilst creating intimacy and warmth. A key factor was to work closely with Conran and Partners to integrate the lighting to highlight the plush and sleek finishes of the various materials used for the interior design, whilst complimenting the colour palette of the interior spaces.

The control of the lighting was to be a careful consideration within the design to ensure smooth and low level dimming within the various scenes from day to night.

The way in which the brief was produced

On entering the venue from either the restaurant or via the street entrance the free standing bread oven desk with a feature ceiling of suspended rolling pins is the first element to greet the customer. The feature ceiling has been illuminated using linear LED in a profile with diffuser to provide subtle illumination to the suspended pins whilst miniature recessed LED fixtures shine through the feature to cast shadows of the rolling pins on the facades of the oven. The oven has also been subtly uplit with LED recessed inground luminaires to highlight the shape. On entering the main dining areas of the venue the key focal points are the suspended over scaled bespoke feature domes which are suspended within an illuminated ceiling coffer. Designed by Conran and Partners, these gold lined domes house bespoke chandeliers and are the ‘wow factor’ decorative lighting features in the space. The open kitchen within the venue allows guests to watch their food being prepared and is illuminated with recessed halogen downlights which provide high colour rendering properties and a controlled beam which illuminates the task areas whilst controlling any light spill into the main restaurant. The dining tables are illuminated with a fitting with a deep set lamp and narrow beam halogen light source to control the light onto the tables while minimising glare. Several of the wall and columns are clad with a bespoke 3D tile designed by Conran and Partners, these are highlighted with the use of floor recessed narrow beam LED uplight fixtures whilst a concealed linear LED is concealed above the tiles to illuminate the wall and give the tiles a floating feel on the facades. Artwork pieces by Ayline Olukman and Tolga Sezgin featuring scenes from contemporary Turkey are illuminated with adjustable wide beam fixtures.

The bar within the venue can be accessed from both inside and outside once the sliding doors are opened. The bar nosing has a concealed linear LED nosing detail to highlight the decorative bar front while a concealed linear LED bar side provides working light for the staff. The main feature of the back bar is the large ice machine that protrudes down from the ceiling. This is illuminated with miniature LED downlights to highlight the metallic finish. The lounge area adjacent to the bar again houses the large feature pendants along with a feature display wall which houses a series of copper alembic distillers illuminated with discreet minimal LED downlights integrated within the joinery. Feature waiter stations and display units sit throughout the space and are illuminated using integral LED details to provide both functional and feature lighting.

The lighting to the external terrace area comprise of a linear LED festoon system, suspended feature pendants and recessed LED uplights which illuminate the living wall. These elements provide functional and key focal point illumination, whilst also being fully IP rated as these are open to the elements.

All LED lighting throughout the project is a very warm 2200K colour temperature to provide a warm ambience and is controlled using a DALI protocol to allow for smooth dimming to a low level.

The success of the solution

The client feels that working as a team, into and Conran and Partners have achieved a dramatic lighting scheme which is theatrical whilst creating the correct ambiance for the venue. Lighting has been successfully integrated where possible, so as not to detract from the finishes and materials within the venue itself.

Fitting Spec

Light Graphix – LD40 / LD51 / LD56 / LD71 / LD72 / LD151
LED Linear – VarioLED Flex Aton 2
Enigma Lighting – Darklight MR16 / Darklight Wall MR16 / Splash
Lumisphere – Bespoke LED festoon
Lutron – Homeworks QS
Osram – IRC halogen energy saver lamps
Bespoke Lighting: Skylume

Into’s experience in the Middle East

Intos Director Darren Orrow “ It is exciting times for Into in the Middle East, we have formed strong partnerships in the region to allow us to service our growing client base. Designers from our London office are based in Dubai for a week or so bi monthly. Current projects in Dubai including flagship restaurants for Ruya, Galvins, Lima and Parle along with large scale architectural projects including public areas within Norman Fosters Index skyscraper and an extension to Dubai Mall. In Doha Into are working on a number of projects within Galeries Lafayete and the Roadster restaurant rollout across Lebanon.”

Client: Umut Ozkanca / d.ream

Restaurant Operator: Umut Ozkanca / d.ream
Interior Architects: Conran and Partners
Lighting Consultant: into Lighting

Main Contractor: AMBB Interiors
M&E Engineer: AMBB MEP Services
Project Management / Quantity Surveyors: Compass Project Management

Into Lighting Team:
Darren Orrow – Director
Anthony Stead – Associate
Dean Carpenter – Lighting Designer


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