Schuler Shook announces a promotion and four new team members

Schuler Shook sees a bright future enhanced by the addition of four designers in Chicago and Dallas, and recognizes excellence with a promotion.

Brian Wiley
Schuler Shook is pleased to announce the promotion of Brian Wiley, Assoc. IIDA, to Lighting Designer. Brian combines strong skills in multiple lighting software apps with a friendly and approachable attitude. Brian got his start as a lighting intern in Schuler Shook’s Chicago office. After completing his degree in interior architecture, he returned as a Lighting Specialist, quickly earning a promotion this year to Lighting Designer.

Laura Román
“Accomplished” might be Laura’s middle name: multiple degrees, a licensed architect, co-founded a business. Laura focuses on sustainable lighting solutions and is known for her strong work ethic and desire to help her clients achieve their design visions. She is fluent in Spanish and English, and conversational in Italian. If she weren’t a lighting designer, she would be a member of the ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement Division.

Sam Kitchel
A crossover talent with technical theatre chops and years of architectural lighting design and engineering experience, Sam draws on his extensive background for problem solving. He also builds his own furniture and enjoys preparing authentic Mexican cuisine.

Jackson Pattermann
Combining experience in physics, mechanical engineering and stage lighting, Jackson is equally at home with the technical and the aesthetic aspects of lighting. He used to drag race snowmobiles, and confesses a secret love of donuts and Coca Cola.

Robert Jenista
Robert is a technical director who is excited by the mix of creativity and engineering that technical theatre provides. He has a love of performing, too. Ask him about his close-up magic routine published in the Society of Young Magicians.

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