‘SFERA’ by XAA arquitectura & MID Studio

SFERA is an audiovisual installation shaped like a hemisphere.
It was built with a metal grid that supports 315 LED bulbs. Every pixel is controlled in realtime using DMX protocol. It is a complex hardware installation made of 27 DMX Relay controllers and more than 2km of electric cable installed under the structure. An array of 625 mirrors completes the careful assembly creating the effect of total reflection and making the sphere visible. The sound was composed using custom made generative software and mathematical algorithms and it’s played using a quadraphonic sound system surrounding the installation. The animations are created in real time using python scripts inside Protopixel Create.

A project by XAA arquitectura & MID Studio

Idea and concept: XAA Arquitectura
Technical development and integration: MID
Organization and production: LlumBCN

Architectural design: Xevi Bayona, Alba Colomer, Adria Vilarejo
Lighting, music and sound design : Alex Posada
Software engineering: Alex Posada, Alejandro Piñeiro
Construction and assembly: XAA arquitectura

Filmmaking by: Marcel Rodriguez

Acknowledgments: Marta Almirall, Sebastian Mealla, Lola Solanilla, Natalia Parody, Miguel Angel de Heras, Cristina Montero, Martí Pastoret, David Tortajada, Met Picart

Thank you very much to our friends of Protopixel for their support.

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