Shanghai Rice Store by Sirius Lighting

This is a new shop and restaurant that is designed to deliver Asian cuisine culture, where is located in Xintiandi in Shanghai. This shop includes the open kitchen, dining area and display area for sales.

The more you go inside, the lower wooden louver ceiling, which is designed for leading people there, stands out from the other area in the mall.

These Indirect lighting between the louvers secures brightness of the premises whilst creating beautiful shadows in the ceiling. Besides, by painting the edge of louver white, it is passed the word that “Rice” is a theme.

The functional lighting such as downlight was omitted to keep the beauty of the louver ceiling. Instead of that, hanging linear lights are designed same size as louver are arrayed at bottom part, keep the brightness on the tables.

Project data

Architecture: Tsutsumi & Associates
Photography: Misae Hiromatsu, Yuming Song (Beijing Ruijing Photo)

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