‘Shelter’ by Maotik

It is already a decade since the internet evolved from a computer infrastructure to a network of 2.6 billion human beings. With 40 percent of the world population connected, information on individuals are now widely disseminated. As institutions spends significant amount of money to collect those datas it rises questions about our personal privacy. How can we reject the monitoring of embedded data and take ownership of the influence of these technologies on our lives ?

Following my experiences of working in geodesic domes, video mapping and other media displays, I am interested to explore the possibilities of this new immersive environment by creating a virtual world where datas connections between machines are visible with laser beams. The storyline of the piece evolves gradually to create an environment that offers various degrees of immersion and modify the perception of the physical space.

The installation is an “open form” that offers various combination options to the interpreter. The idea is to create a system with a random creation process, in a range of settings defined by the activity of the datas transfer. In this sense, every state, the time of installation is unique and inimitable. Sound design will translate the visual into a sonic experience that will dive the public at the center of this electronic landscape.


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