Show apartment ‘Shades of Grey’ Shanghai, China
by Pfarré Lighting Design

Located in one of Shanghai’s inner city circles project developer China Eagle Group (CEG) realized with the “CEG Schwarzwald“ project an innovative and sustainable concept for urban life in the chinese metropolis. For one of the towers two show apartments have been designed, representing various color, light and material compositions. The „Shades of Grey“ apartment offers to the visitor a relaxed and elegant private world on a surface of 250 sqm, at floor 27.

The lighting design idea was based on the atmospheric concept of the interior architects. Enhance their concept of openness, transparency, layering, overlapping with the use of light. Distinguished lighting moods have been created, matching with the usability and atmosphere of the particular spaces, and underlining their impact in space.

Due to the central position of the apartment within the tower, to the resulting deep spatial dimensions, the lighting designers proposed a generous light field in the ceiling, referring to a huge skylight, adjustable to the various moods appearing during day and night. Integrated in the ceiling lamella, LED lines light up the ceiling above and create a soft overall lighting mood, enhancing the height of the apartment. With the use of dimmable and tunable white technologies, the field can be managed according to environmental conditions and personal preferences.

The generous gesture of the light field has been completed with adjustable spotlights, mounted in the field above the lamella. They light up punctual and strong where light is needed; i.e. for art works, objects, shelves and kitchen work areas. The use of indirect light was a focal element in the lighting design, to enhance the transparencies and reflections of the interior design. Direct accent lighting plays together with soft glowing coves and gaps in order to compose a harmonic and distinguished living atmosphere. Well-aimed light objects and decorative luminaires complete the overall identity of the apartment. With a DALI light management system, pre-set scenes can be selected according to the individual needs of the owners.

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