Sky Luxury Residences by Focus Lighting

Focus lighting was commissioned to design Sky, a 71-story residential tower located just a few avenues west of New York City’s Times Square. In collaboration with the Rockwell Group, Focus Lighting created a lighting design for the building’s public spaces and amenities. The design supports the client’s goal to create a luxurious atmosphere while maintaining low power densities. Using only LED sources, the lighting team found every opportunity to select the most dramatic layer of light in the space, thereby creating a truly unique, well-curated experience with the smallest lighting footprint possible.

“We wanted the design to make a strong impression from the very first view, which was a challenge amongst all of the visual competition from Times Square,” says senior lighting designer Christine Hope. “By using bold layers of light in carefully selected locations, we were able to accomplish this with just LEDs.” The exterior uses three layers of light to immediately impress. 165 silver-crown LED bulbs adorn the canopy, providing all general lighting with less power than a standard hairdryer. An array of recessed LED strips in the entry paving creates more drama, with steplights in each bollard providing just enough pathway lighting.

This conservative approach continues into the double-height lobby space where instead of using downlights to provide general lighting, the design relies on the glow from accented sculptural furniture and artwork to illuminate the room. “We wanted the lobby to feel grand, but still inviting and comfortable,” says Hope. “Our approach allows residents and their guests to appreciate the lobby’s volume through various human-scale elements in the room.” The treatment creates a museum-like atmosphere that exudes high-end luxury. Similarly, the mailroom relies almost exclusively on high-powered LED covelights to illuminate the entire double-height space.

Use of dramatic architectural lighting continues throughout the building, often providing a decorative quality that maintains the luxury aesthetic. In the club lounge, individual seating areas are indicated with rings of recessed flexible LED strips. And upstairs, a bold pattern of recessed LED strips parades down residential halls to create an immersive, visually striking environment. The contrast is enhanced by dark finishes, with the light from each strip projecting onto its opposite wall.

Lighting elements throughout Sky offer a subtly elegant and considered design that allows the building’s residents and guests to fully immerse in the luxury and comfort of their surroundings. Using only LED sources, the design team effectively created an environmentally-friendly high-end residential building that stands out, even with a bustling Times Square next door.

Owner: The Moinian Group
Architect: The Rockwell Group
Focus Lighting Design Team:
Brett Andersen
Christine Hope
Edwin Allen

Photo Credits
Ryan Fischer, Focus Lighting
Evan Joseph, Moinian Group

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