Sophie Caclin releases
Professional Lighting Lexicon

This book presents the vocabulary of professional lighting and light, in French and English.

It is intended for all people intervening in the lighting project process: contracting authorities, master builders, project managers, installers, administrators, manufacturers.

It contains a non-exhaustive list of the terms and expressions specific to light engineering and lighting design, the equipment used, the implementation and management of installations, as well as terms used in various fields involved in lighting projects such as architecture, town planning, design, production, marketing, sales and the environment.

It contains almost 1,400 terms and expressions used in various trades and concerns in particular the typologies of event and permanent lighting, indoor and outdoor, excluding stage lighting.

The book is divided into two sections: one section contains the terms in French with their English translation, the other section contains the terms in English with their French translation. To make it easier to find terms, it is designed as a glossary with terms listed in alphabetical order. A subject index allows users to find a term according to the subject, discipline or lexical field.

The word in brackets explains the meaning of the word (colour), the type of word (noun, adjective), the abbreviation of the expression or the symbol for the unit of measurement. Verbs in English are preceded by «to» if used in the infinitive.

This list of words is the result of collection, research and summarizing work. It does not contain all the words used in the field, as there are too many. The choice of words was guided by their obvious usefulness, frequency of use or the relevance of finding certain words in this book. The definitions are completely personal.

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