‘Step into the Light’ by Red Paper Hearts at FITC 2017

‘Illuminated glass’ is an interactive art experience by Red Paper Heart that reimagines the traditional art of stained glass. The heart of the installation features an 8 panel window made from transparent screens which display a generative art system that appears at first like modern stained glass. Light shines through the window letting colored light into the experience.

As a surprising twist on stained glass, when a participant approaches, the colors and shapes on the screens shift and expand – changing beams of light streaming through it. The resulting ethereal experience is about the uplifting power of color and light, and the simple joy of transforming a familiar experience into something new and beautiful.

Created by Red Paper Heart redpaperheart.com

Red Paper Heart
Zander Brimijoin – Creative Director
Daniel Scheibel – Technical Director
Adria Navarro Lopez – Lead Creative Coder
Pedro Piccinini – Design and animation
Lisa Walters – Executive Producer
Sound design by Ohrenkunst ohrenkunst.com

Special thanks to
Jonathan Karam jonathankaram.com
Standard Transmission astandardtransmission.com


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