Street and area lighting with a uniform design: CFS530 luminaires complement
the CFT500 series

The CFS530 catenary luminaire is now available alongside the CFT530 street and area luminaire. As with the RFL/RFS500 series, the CFT/CFS500 series now enables all types of lighting tasks to be realised with a consistent luminaire design. The CFS530 series can be installed above streets, paths, alleys or public squares to illuminate them perfectly.

They are the ideal solution for towns and cities with historic or contemporary architecture. On the one hand, they are able to efficiently illuminate areas that are difficult to access, such as narrow alleys and winding streets. Also, thanks to their clear design language, they can be seamlessly integrated with their surroundings – from small mediaeval towns to modern urban spaces. The effect of the luminaires by day also plays a role as they are perceived as distinct objects in the urban space and are therefore an important part of the streetscaping. Last but not least, CFS530 catenary luminaires can also assume specific spatial tasks and can be used as guiding elements.

The ring-shaped luminaires are available with either [C50] lenses for symmetric medium beam distribution or with [R] lenses for rectangular distribution. The cable suspension can be adjusted by +/- 14 degrees; the luminaires themselves can be swivelled 45 degrees to either side in order to precisely align the lighting. The CFS530 catenary luminaires can optionally be fitted with a WE-EF “P2C – Prepare to Connect” or “R2C – Ready to Connect” solution, which means that they are extremely well- prepared for later upgrades. Investment in control technology can therefore be postponed to the future, without having to make any changes to the luminaire housing.

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