We welcome interesting comment pieces from anyone, and from diverse viewpoints, not just our own. Here are a few pointers on what we look for.

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Make a single point

The best pieces take a single point, and argue it well, rather than trying to cover too much ground. They also start with the answer, and explain why. They don’t simply ask a question.

Have a different point of view

The most interesting pieces challenge established thinking. If most people would already agree, there may not be a great deal of point in writing the article.


Why should the reader care about what you’re writing about? What difference will it make to our readers’ working lives or careers? What impact will it have on media/ marketing/ creative/ production industries? Articles that speak to wider issues affecting a broad swathe of the industry are often well received, as are insights into relationships between one part of the industry and another.

Don’t sell

The opportunity in boosting your profile from writing the piece is about giving yourself a chance to position yourself as an expert – not to sell your product or service.


Do think carefully about your own suggested headline as at the very least it will frame our own perceptions when we first come to the piece. Don’t pose a question when you are actually making an argument for what the answer is.


Make sure you have a snappy, straight-to-the-point introductory paragraph; that’s all you have to hook the reader in with. (Ask yourself: if the reader only looked at this one paragraph, would they now know the main point you are about to make?)

Ideal length

Write it tightly, ideally 400 to 800 words.

Keep it simple

Don’t unnecessarily speak in jargon. Where appropriate, explain concepts so that they are readily understandable to all professionals within the industry rather than the specialists who are directly involved. Our readership work across the communications sector and may be unfamiliar with the detail of your own specialism.

Include your picture

We’ll want to illustrate your article with a picture of you, in reasonably high resolution. Simple headshots are preferable, as is colour. Our website design means that we prefer to use landscape-shaped images.