Lichtrouten 2018 Lüdenscheid – Eighth edition of the International Forum for Light in Art and Design

From September 28 to October 7, 2018 the next edition of the German festival of light “Lichtrouten”... Read More

Red light at night: A potentially fatal attraction to migratory bats

Night time light pollution is rapidly increasing across the world. Nocturnal animals are likely to be... Read More

New WE-EF LED lens ensures pedestrian crossings are clearly visible

WE-EF offers different types of LED lenses for its street and area lighting luminaires that meet the... Read More

Sixty-six steps to the water’s edge

An enjoyable maritime atmosphere – Attractive luminaires that withstand coastal weather for the... Read More

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‘Trinity’ by Philipp Frank

For this video installation, artist Philipp Frank took the ornamental paintings and geometry of the... Read More

2018 IALD Award Winners
Award of Excellence
HSBC Cafeteria Dusseldorf, Germany
by Licht Kunst Licht

Luminaries of the lighting profession gathered at Chicago’s trendy Revel Fulton Market on 9 May to... Read More

2018 IALD Award Winners:
Radiance Award
German Ivory Museum
by Licht Kunst Licht

Luminaries of the lighting profession gathered at Chicago’s trendy Revel Fulton Market on 9 May to... Read More

ERCO LED lighting tools for a differentiated office lighting concept: Faerber Architekten, Mainz

The new office construction of Faerber Architekten in Mainz, Germany demonstrates the extent to which... Read More

EVOline at Light + Building 2018

“Connected – Secure – Convenient” was the theme of this year’s Light + Building in Frankfurt/Main.... Read More

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by Lieber Analog | Tom Kretschmer

A kinetic installation created especially for the brewery‘s roasting room. Presented at LOST BERLIN... Read More

Light + Building 2018 continues to grow with more exhibitors and exhibition space

Light + Building opens its doors in Frankfurt am Main from Sunday, 18 March, to Friday, 23 March 2018.... Read More


What can a connected lighting platform do for your business? How can it add value to your business beyond... Read More

At Light + Building 2018 WE-EF will be presenting innovations plus new and attractive ideas for street and area, and architectural lighting

Well-planned exterior lighting ensures good visual conditions, orientation and safety on streets and... Read More

A petrol and service station illuminated to be seen from afar

A petrol and service station of the future has opened near to Munich, Germany. The station offers a... Read More

ERCO at Light+Building 2018:
lighting solutions in application with sustainable trade show architecture

Light is the fourth dimension of architecture. And every form of architecture is unique. Based on this... Read More