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‘Passage’ by Serge Maheu

Passage is an immersive, minimalist, contemplative and interactive artwork that explores the emotional... Read More

Where are we now?
Stefan R Graf FIALD, Principal

In response to recent events raising questions around the visibility of the architectural lighting design... Read More

Light Fair International 2016 (LFI 2016)
San Diego Convention Centre
April 26 – 28, 2016. Report by Leela Shanker

Is this what Light Fair International 2026 will look like? Reflecting on this year’s LFI 2016,... Read More

My Light + Building 2016:
Robert White, Principal,

The best new product I saw was… So many – Cooledge scissor cut LED sheets that can be easily... Read More

Robert White, Principal illuminart
Takes a Look Back at:
2015 – This is the Year that was

2015 – Was it a year to remember or forget? Brilliant? As you imagined? Treacherous? Better than expected?... Read More

The IES Illumination Awards 2015

The IES Illumination Awards (North America + International) were held in Indianapolis, Indiana on Sunday,... Read More

Anzac Albany Projections and Storytelling Locations Revealed

Key projection locations for one of the most anticipated aspects of the Anzac Albany events have been... Read More

Cobo Center Detroit by Illuminart

The old Cobo Arena built in the 1960’s and long neglected has been completely renovated and... Read More

IALD Awards 2013: Special Citation, Qatar National Convention Centre Banqueting Suite by Light And Design Associates

Interior lighting and custom light fixtures enable this suite to transform itself from a formal convention... Read More

The Robert White Interview Principal, Illuminart

Robert White IALD, LC, IESNA is a Principal and Lighting Designer at Illuminart. He’s also an... Read More

illumni's 'The Lighting's On The Wall' by Robert White, Principal of Illuminart

This is where you get to play Nostradamus. We’ll publish your predictions on anything to do with... Read More

illumni's 'The Lighting's On The Wall' by Robert White, Principal of Illuminart

Today Robert White, Principal of Illuminart is crystal balling the next big trend in colour. Let us... Read More

Derelict Buildings in Detroit Brought to Life by Illuminart

Illuminart have completed a series of small projects in Detroit, USA. They are vacant buildings that... Read More