The simple way to control professional lighting tools: ERCO introduces Bluetooth-capable luminaires

Individually switching and dimming luminaires, setting up light scenes and integrating sensors – all... Read More

ERCO at Light+Building 2018:
spatially displayed innovations and new standards for individual lighting

Light is the fourth dimension of architecture. Visitors from all over the world experienced innovative... Read More

Archaeological Museum in Madrid: Historical exhibits displayed in a contemporary way

The contextual focus of the Archaeological Museum in Madrid is placed on Iberian art – such as the... Read More

Celebration with spotlights:
Relighting of the Church of St Mary’s Birth in Grevenbroich

A recent lighting upgrade at the Grevenbroich parish church saw the pendant luminaires replaced by flexible... Read More

Art history comes alive with light:
ERCO in the Museum of the Cathedral
in Florence

The Museum of the Cathedral in Florence, which recently reopened after a huge expansion project that... Read More

The new FrischeParadies in Stuttgart – speciality foods presented
in brilliant light

Differentiated lighting design facilitates in-store orientation and attracts the customer’s attention... Read More

The opulence of the Orient in striking ERCO LED light: Schuhbeck’s world of fine spices, Munich

Germany’s most celebrated chef, Alfons Schuhbeck, offers a realm of gourmet experiences on Munich’s... Read More

Healthy fast food tastefully illuminated: Youfresh, Berlin

Amid familiar fast food giants at the Mall of Berlin is a small but stylish shop that sets itself apart... Read More

Relighting of the German Museum
of Technology, Berlin

The German Museum of Technology (Deutsches Technikmuseum) is one of the largest museums of its type... Read More

Museu de Cultures del Món –
Expressive illumination of
cultural diversity by ERCO

The Museu de Cultures del Món (Museum of World Cultures) in Barcelona presents outstanding works from... Read More

Colette Store Paris – Effective Shop Lighting for Changing Displays

Founded in 1997 as one of the world’s original concept stores on Rue Saint Honoré in Paris, Colette... Read More

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Light + Building 2016:

illumni asks the world’s top lighting manufacturers some behind-the-scenes questions about their presence... Read More

ERCO at the new Fondazione Prada, Milan

ERCO lighting tools feature in one of the most dramatic museum projects this year: The lighting supplied... Read More

Natural Products in Digital Light
Ölmühle an der Havel By ERCO

The Ölmühle an der Havel is an oil factory that recently opened a new outlet in Berlin Kreuzberg.... Read More

Flexibility in Existing Buildings
ERCO Lighting Solutions for Restaurants

When the steam boiler factory on the Steinmüller site in Gummersbach closed, only “Halle 32” remained... Read More