Tartu in Lights –
lighting festival and workshops

The festival Tartu Valgus, Valgus stands for light in Estonian, or short “TAVA” will be taking place for the second time, this October, in Tartu Estonia. The intent of the event is to raise awareness towards lighting design and to showcase the role of light in an urban environment. TAVA aims to raise awareness towards the different opportunities and potential the city has, through well-though of, creative lighting installations; avoiding things like light pollution and over-illumination.

Currently, Estonia is facing a lack of independent lighting specialists, due to the absence of schools that offer this specialisation and a general shortage of lighting knowledge in the country. Therefore, TAVA wants to not only draw attention to the potential of creative, architectural lighting but also be an education platform to learn about the various facets of lighting. Accordingly, Tartu Valgus offers five lighting design workshops: – IALD Lighting Design, Mapping, 3D Mapping, Interactive Light Art and a two-day Lighting Design and Light Art Conference. Both the workshops and conferences are open to anyone who want to learn more about creative, architectural lighting design.

Besides the educational events, and also as a result of the workshops, TAVA offers a four-day lighting festival. This is entirely free and open to the public from the 25th until the 28th of October.

Light is the designers, architects and artists invisible tool, which visualises everything it reflects. Mostly, we only notice lighting when it is too glary, blinding or inefficient. TAVA wants to change the way we use light and make the dark period of the year into a season full of potential though beautifully, inspiring and creative lit public spaces.

More about TAVA:

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