The Fred Nimarota Interview
Sales Director and Head of
Aurora Lighting, Australia

Fred Nimarota FC

Fred Nimarota is well known as a mover and shaker in the Australian lighting industry. He is now Sales Director and Head of Aurora Lighting in Australia. The Aurora Group is one of the world’s largest privately owned LED lighting organisations with offices in over 70 countries and a hugely successful 30 year history. illumni was able to grab a little time with Fred to discuss lightings ever increasing role in the way we live our lives and how Aurora is contributing.

You surprised the industry with your recent move to Aurora Lighting, what was the attraction?

The main attraction for me was having the challenge of bringing a global lighting manufacturer with no presence in Australia & New Zealand and build it from ground zero.

Aurora Globally is a LED innovative lighting company that continues to challenge the status quo through their smart products and technology, and importantly Aurora has a great culture and leadership set by founder and CEO Andrew Johnson.

I gained a lot of experience in my tenure with Gerard Lighting, mainly in the early years under Pierlite which certainly put me in good stead for this challenge hence my decision to represent Aurora.


The Aurora Lighting Experience Showroom in Sydney

Aurora is a relatively new player in the Australian market. What are the pros and cons?

Whilst Aurora, as a brand, is new to Australia, through the coming together of Aurora and the Lighting Group, we have obtained a wealth of knowledge and expertise and can continue to build on existing relationships moving into the future. At the same time we are able to use our 30 years of international experience to deliver innovative lighting solutions to the Australian market.


The Aurora Lighting Experience Showroom in Sydney

Your new Sydney showroom offers an amazing consumer experience and represents a significant investment. How will you make it work and how do you see it contributing to your market share?

Aurora has a long established reputation for its innovative methods of marketing, including the creation of the A.L.E.X showrooms, which allows customers to experience the full range first hand. These showrooms are unlike any provided by other lighting manufacturers, and through these, allow us to bring our products out of the brochure and into an interactive environment, enabling our customers a unique insight into the design, quality and technology of each product range. We encourage anyone who is interested in visualising new and innovative lighting technology to contact us.


Hong Kong Lighting Fair 2015

Aurora has a very significant catalogue. In fact, it contains over 500+ products. How much do rely on research to define your market/s and who are they?

We undertake extensive market research when considering new product development to ensure that they’re tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our specific portfolio of products gives us a competitive edge of having multiple solutions for all applications in the trade and projects sectors.

Our Trade solutions;

Aurora’s value driven brand Enlite offers LED luminaires and lamps at competitive prices which is supported by an experienced Trade sales team in every state.

It is designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability. Enlite products ensure trouble-free installation and maintenance. Globally, Enlite has performed exceptionally well since its launch and we consider it to be a highly successful trade offering.

Our Project solution;

Aurora projects team provide personal tailor-made lighting solutions for any lighting scheme with expertise in the following verticals:

Commercial & Industrial
Retail & Hospitality
Healthcare & Education
Smart Lighting Management.


Lux Live London 2015

The big news is that Aurora Lighting will be incorporating Gooee IOT technology into its products. This is something the market must have been anticipating and waiting for with open arms?

Understanding the requirements of developers, architects, electrical engineers, large organisations and retailers, Aurora, at an early stage, identified the need for an interoperable, scalable, smart ecosystem. Collaborating with ‘best in class’ partners was fundamental to drive innovation beyond legacy architecture solutions.

In a nutshell, what is Gooee IOT Technology?

Gooee is the world’s first ‘full stack’ interoperable ecosystem of physical and software components that will enable an LED lighting company to add intelligence to its product range and connect it to the Internet of Things.

With Lighting 3.0 and Gooee Inside™, Aurora will globally deploy a conscious, connected network of lighting endpoints. Interoperable and openly accessible with third party systems or as a standalone installation, the benefits fall into three key categories:

Environmental Intelligence Services focusing on energy, maintenance, and occupancy reporting.

Human Engagement covers individual recognition, beneficial for home or building security management as well as consumer interaction within a retail store.

Product & Asset Tracking is beneficial for companies such as retailers and FMCGs because products can be tracked from production to purchase to disposal.

Aurora seems to be better than most at communicating its advances in technology to the marketplace. In fact you have won awards for marketing. What investment have you made in this area?

We have always been focused on staying at the forefront of new communication methods to develop stronger interaction with our customers, and investment in this area will continue as we go forward.


The Aurora Lighting Experience Showroom in Sydney

The lighting industry is changing at well… the speed of light. With these changes come advantages but there are also many challenges. What are the big issues of the moment?

One market challenge is the difficulty in stocking products that are quickly superseded by more efficient, higher quality products at more competitive prices.

End users are also scared of making changes and investing in products that are likely to soon become obsolete.

Because we have a large team in Europe and China, we are able to continuously determine the best products with independent test reports and bring them to market quickly, enabling customers to receive the best product in the shortest time frame.

Where to next?

We are all experiencing a paradigm shift as technology brings disruptive changes to our industry. Aurora is optimising its brands, strategy and product portfolio to develop the next generation of Lighting 3.0. Our license agreement with Gooee to use its IoT lighting ecosystem is the first milestone towards achieving our goals as we look forward to 2016 and beyond.

Demonstrating the capabilities of Lighting 3.0 at LuxLive 2015, one of Europe’s largest lighting exhibitions, Aurora was the first lighting manufacturer to provide an insight into smart lighting using ‘Gooee Inside’.

The integration of our brands will further shape the profile of the Aurora Group as a fast growing international smart lighting company whilst leveraging Aurora’s global brand equity. It will stand us in good stead for this new generation in lighting.

In November 2015 we opened 3 new Distribution Centres in NSW, WA & NT which allows us to provide a next day service throughout Australia and support our sales divisions in every state.

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