The Lighting of Gardermoen Airport, Oslo, Norway

Gardermoen Airport in Oslo has recently been extended by Nordic Office of Architecture, with lighting design by Speirs + Major.

The 140,000m2 update of the original 1960s terminal focuses on customer experience as the top priority, closely followed by sustainability. Spacious and airy, the resulting spaces are characterised by light and transparency, offering passengers a clear sense of orientation to relieve travel pressure and provide peace of mind. It is the only airport design to have achieved a BREEAM excellent rating.

The design of the airport is focused on capturing as much natural light as possible. Where changes in the weather and natural seasonal transitions begin to reduce this, the artificial lighting system has been designed to smoothly and imperceptibly step in, minimising any perceivable distinction between artificial and natural conditions. Integrated artificial light sources adjust in response to external shifts in both light level and colour temperature, over the course of the day and across the seasons. This creates a consistently pleasant and uplifting environment that is fully connected to the surrounding natural environment, making the transition to a new city or country smoother and more enjoyable, while also saving energy.

The design also makes use of the colour temperature of light as an intuitive language in the airport during the hours of darkness, to aid transition and wayfinding. Noticeably cooler and fresher colour temperatures on the bridges and exterior areas surrounding the new North Pier mark the transition to and from airside, leading to the warm welcome of the interior terminal spaces. This approach also creates a beautiful contrast within the lit image of the airport externally.

Project Credits:

Client: Oslo Lufthavn
Architect: Nordic Office of Architecture
Lighting Design: Speirs + Major
Photo Credits: Speirs + Major, Ivan Brodey

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