The Pedro Pinto Interview
Principal, Pinto Lighting Design

Following his recent appearance at the Lighting Design Agora in Shanghai, illumni asks Pedro Pinto, Principal of Pinto Lighting Design, to share some of his perspective.

You spoke about the future of smart lighting in small to medium projects. This area is moving so quickly, can you give us a brief overview of the key development/s you were most excited to share with audiences at the Agora?

New companies such as Casambi that uses Bluetooth technology can be very interesting specially in Retrofit projects where there are limitations with the installation of new wires for control purposes. In projects made from scratch the automation systems using wires are still widely used due to their reliability. In both cases there is demand from clients to control the lighting with mobile and computer apps in parallel with the conventional wall keypads.

I understand that questions were addressed during the panel discussions at the end of each session. Were there any particular points that you felt received greater attention or response from the audience? Were any points a matter of contention?

I think everyone agreed that smart lighting is a very powerful tool and it will give lighting designers new opportunities in future projects. Nevertheless technology should not be used just because it is available, it should be used only when designers believe it adds something important to the project and helps to achieve the project goals.

Can you share your experience of working in China to date and how it differs from other parts of the world?

My practice has not had a project in China yet. I had a project in Shanghai some years ago with another practice I was working for. We did the design in London and then our colleagues from the Hong Kong office took care of the last stages. So I could not tell of any differences during the project.

Do you have any views on how the lighting design practice specifically, and the lighting industry, in general are evolving in China?

I noticed that more and more quality projects are coming from China. In the past these projects use to be from international lighting designers but now there are Chinese Lighting Designers producing high quality schemes as well. We are also seeing Chinese Lighting Design manufacturers that design luminaires suitable for lighting designers.

As a lighting designer / professional can you tell us what you think the value this event brings to the lighting industry (specifiers/designers) in general and the end users (clients/ developers/ etc) of lighting more specifically?

It is always very positive when different players from the lighting industry are joined together at a professional event. This promotes new opportunities of work and the different parts get to know each other better.

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