The Tower of Sparkle, Munich
by pfarré lighting design

The “Long Night of Architecture” is an annual event in Munich, with architect‘s practices to visit, new buildings open for the public, conferences and other events related to architecture.

The “HighRise one” project is a tower with 17 floors, for office use, and prior to the completion the designers have been approached by the architects and bulding owners to create a lighting idea for the night of January 19, 2017. Already cladded with a facade, but empty and raw inside, the tower offerd an ideal spatial basis to implement something special, both for the „long night“ and for PR-related activities to market the building.

The idea was to fill the tower with light, so that the entire structure sparkles and appears like filled with mineral water. 48 synchronized, rotating disco balls turn the building into an urban lighting sculpture. Mounted with simple hooks, four of them float above each floor in order to see their shimmering reflections on the ceiling slabs which charakterize the sensation from the main street level perspectives.

The dynamic interaction of various levels one above the other transforms the empty shell of the “HighRise one” into a magical, temporary lighting experience for both passers-by and “Lange Nacht” visitors.

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