Tunable White Part 3 –
Light for Activity and Well-being
by Eagle Lighting Australia

Part 3 – Tunable white in applications

Create your personal light!

Here are a few examples of where the tunable white technology can be used.

Tunable White - application 2.jpg

Better light in the conference room

Conference room 2700k

Conference room 3000k

Conference room 4000k

Conference room 5000k

Conference room 6000k

Conference rooms are often located in the middle of the building without access to daylight. It is an area where the colour temperature control can be used in several ways. A cooler light applies when more active tasks are being performed or a warmer light when we need to focus. A common issue when using video conferences is that the camera is unable to handle the light levels as well as the human eye, so we are perceived as looking more sickly. With a Tuneable White solution, we can adapt the light level so that the faces of the participants are rendered as realistically as possible, helping to facilitate the communication process. In this application, Pleiad Wallwashers are used to vary the light on the walls to get exactly the right light for every task.

All light on me – the auditorium

Auditorium 2700k

Auditorium 3000k

Auditorium 4000k

Auditorium 5000k

Auditorium 6500k

Education or full-day conference? As well as having scenes with different lighting levels, it is advisable to also control the colour temperature. By using a timer control the colour of the light provides the participants with an idea of the time of day. Alternatively, we can use the colour temperature to create different scenes. Refreshing high levels of cold light for activity or warmer dimmed light for focus and concentration. The light on the presenting area is controlled separately depending on what activities are going on there.

Activity or rest in the breakout room

Break room 2700

Break room 3000k

Break room 4000k

Break room 5000k

Break room 6500k

In breakout rooms the benefits of colour temperature control are in their element, transforming how you can use the space. Use of cool light revitalises us while a warmer light calms us down. In this example we have chosen recessed Pozzo. The large, wide beam distribution creates a light-well effect, giving an impression of natural light, further optimised with a varying colour temperature which imitates the evolution of daylight throughout the day.

Welcoming in – the entrance or waiting room

Waiting room 2700k

Waiting room 3000k

Waiting room 4000k

Waiting room 5000k


In the entrance or the waiting room light is controlled with a router solution to imitate daylight, both in intensity and colour. This can be especially important if there is no natural daylight reaching in the room. This solution provides a sense of having access to daylight, even if the room is located in the middle of the building where there is limited access to the real thing. Pozzo creates a feeling of natural light wells, reinforced by adding light on the walls with Pleiad Wallwasher G3.

Personal light in the cellular office

cell office 2700

cell office 3000k

cell office 4000k

cell office 5000k

cell office 6500k

A cellular office is the easiest room to apply a Tuneable White solution as there is only one user who controls the light according to his or her preferences. Think of a cold, intense light when you want to activate yourself or a warm dimmed light for conversations, reading and tasks which require concentration. Using a suspended direct/indirect Combilume, supplemented with Pleiad Wallwasher G3 , provides the ambient and task light requirements, with the colour temperature and intensity controlled via a simple panel on the wall.

Dynamic in the open plan office

open office 2700k

open office 3000k

open office 4000k

open office 5000k

open office 6500k

Open plan offices cannot be controlled to reflect each individual’s personal preferences since the room is lit for a group of people. Here we recommend a router solution that varies the light over time and adjusts the colour temperature mimicking the light outdoors. In the ceiling we have Multilume Flat  and, to strengthen the sense of a natural daylight, the walls are lit using Pleiad Wallwasher G3.

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