Villa Maya Restaurant, Thiruvananthapuram India by Integrated Lighting Design


View from Entry driveway looking towards the entrance pavilion

Situated in the heart of culturally rich state of Kerala in the city of Thiruvananthapuram, a heritage residential building that is among the preserved houses in the ancient king’s procession route was to be restored in to an ethnic restaurant. The soul of the project was to weave a vernacular space in today’s context. The aesthetic value of the space sustains the cultural value and accentuates the earthy ambience.

Lighting concept was to enliven the traditional flavor with primary feature highlights as focus. The intent was to invite visually intriguing views, yet provide intimate romantic ambience.  The combination of dramatic lighting with high contrast and meticulous detailing in the right proportion transforms the coziness to a different dimension. The concept of hidden light from different planes and shadow patterns shapes the space while respecting the vernacular nature of the structure. This was completely an LED project in terms of architectural fixtures.

The primary idea was to keep the fixtures mostly hidden and, in case of surface mounts, to keep the size as small as possible. The incorporation of the fixtures into architectural sections entwines the lighting effect to the features in an efficient way.

The visual journey is framed with vistas of detailed elements and textures. Three different spatial experiences to dining were conceived; namely, open dining, semi-enclosed and indoor dining. From the entry driveway into the indoor dining area, there is a sequential transition in ambient environment.

The entry driveway has low level driveway lights that streak the colored mosaic floor and an interesting pattern emerges. The recessed light within the curb with Narrow spot distribution produce linear lines of light that adds a texture to the floor.  Encompassing the driveway are the bamboo shoots on the left that is backlit with linear LED uplight to have a glowing silhouette. This background highlight accentuates the vertical dimension.


View of Entry pavilion

The entry pavilion, at the end of the driveway, has highlighted gable with linear LED concealed at the base of the gable in a pocket to reveal an interesting texture. Lighting at the base of the column slightly grazes the contour of the column. Windows are softly lit by concealed linear LED and the central sculpture accented by ceiling mounted LED lights


Open Court

Entry pavilion leads to the open court that has seating groups lit by pendants and trees accented by uplights.


Floating Pavilion

The Floating pavilion retains the same language as the entry pavilion. The back wall niche has both uplighting with linear LED strip and a puck light to highlight the background. The stone wall in the backdrop highlighted with an uplight from underwater. The seating table is lit with a surface mounted LED adjustable spot.


Open court

Some of the trees at the open court have hanging lanterns that accentuates the rustic vernacular ambience.


View of Elephant sculpture @ restaurant building entrance

The elephant sculptures are lit with underwater LED uplight that provides a dramatic textural highlight. The hidden linear light at the railing and the lit arches brings out the structural features.


Entry Vestibule into the restaurant

Periphery of the vestibule has lit up arches from recessed LED fixtures. The seating groups and focal display is highlighted by ceiling surface mounted LED fixtures tucked inbetween the beams. The stairway is softly lit by linear LED strip concealed within the base of the railing and lighting the tread. Lighting highlights from different planes and levels are to create varied visual experience and lighting layers.


Feature @ Entry

The focal feature is lit by ceiling surface mounted LED fixture and the decorative wood screen is lit by floor recessed LED uplight. The background arch is also framed by floor recessed LED uplight that highlight the form


Interior of the Restaurant

Similar lighting language of lighting the peripheral arches and the focal sculpture and features retains the character of the space. The tables are lit by ceiling surface mounted LED fixtures tucked in between the beams. The rustic decorative pendants and wall sconces are lit by Incandescent lamps. The wall sconces emit the pattern of the decorative cover on the wall adding to the ambience.


Transition seating space on Level 2


Lighting Designer: Anusha Muthusubramanian, Integrated Lighting Design
Architect and Interior Designer: Vinod Matthews
Owner: Muthoot Group

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