WE-EF After Dark Product Parties 2019 – Good design is obvious.
Great design is transparent

In 2018 WE-EF and the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) launched the After Dark nation-wide competition, celebrating Australia’s best-lit landscape projects.

Expanding the competition’s reach and continuing the tradition started with the Black Book launches, next year WE-EF will again bring together lighting and architecture professionals in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Under the theme Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent each event will be headlined by a project presentation of an After Dark 2018 competition finalist. The market-leading FLC200 LED projector series, winner of German Innovation Award 2018, will showcase the latest optical innovations from WE-EF and how they can be used to illuminate various textures and surfaces.

The WE-EF After Dark Product Parties schedule:

28.02.2019 – Melbourne
21.03.2019 – Sydney
09.05.2019 – Brisbane

If you would like to be our guest at one of the After Dark Product Parties, please get in touch with your WE-EF sales representative.


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