‘Wells Fargo Center’ by ESI Design

The Wells Fargo Center, designed by Philip Johnson in 1983, has an iconic presence on the Denver skyline. Owner Beacon Capital Partners wanted to restore the building to its place of prominence and tasked ESI Design with reinvigorating the lobby and common areas. The space has been transformed and modernized while respecting the original building design. I was the Lead Designer and Art Director of this amazing project.

Inside the building’s immense glass atrium, we installed five 86-foot floor-to-ceiling LED columns that, when viewed together, create one canvas. The monolithic screens display custom media inspired by the outdoor environment of Colorado. Looking at the interactive architecture installations is like looking through slats in a fence to the landscape beyond.

The vibrant media installation is now the city’s largest piece of digital public art and is visible from outside through the glass atrium, breathing new life into the surrounding streetscape and drawing passersby into the experience.


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