XERO Releases the new
XTI | 3.0 Square IP66 IK10+

Xero Linear Lighting Systems introduce the new Xero Technology Infrastructure (XTI) product – XTI 3.0 Square IP66 IK10

XTI brings together the best available technology for any linear lighting system that has been specifically designed for the infrastructure segment.

CEO and Founder of Xero Linear Lighting Systems Edwin Sargeant says –

“The new XTI exceeds the current IK10+ standard by a factor of 5 – this is an industry first for linear lighting systems. Coupled with a patented uninterrupted linear diffuser this is another innovation from the industry leader.”

See IK Industry scale below

IK Industry scale

We had an opportunity to ask Tom Grant – Xero Linear Lighting Systems Design Director some questions on the new Infrastructure fitting.

So Tom can you tell us what is so different about new XTI product compared to other products in the XERO range?

The XTI product range has been designed from the ground up for demanding environments – they are water, dust and impact resistant, achieving an IP rating of 66 and an IK rating of 10+. They are manufactured with our 10 year warranty Xeramix 1 LED engine and can be configured with our 15 year warranty Xeramix R LED engine. Together these technologies create an extremely durable and long life luminaire which has applications in some of the world’s toughest lighting conditions.

Why is it that IP66 and IK10+ rating is so difficult to obtain in a linear luminaire fitting?

While relatively small in profile, linear luminaires are very long products. Achieving these IP and IK ratings in such a long product presents a significant design and engineering challenge. Thermal expansion, pressure differentials and impact distortion and recovery were some of the issues Xero’s design team had to overcome in creating the XTI family.

XTI 3.0 Square IP66 IK10+ DATA TABLE

You and Edwin have spent countless hours designing and refining the new XTI product can you tell me what elements of the design are so important and why?

Yes we sure have – to meet the XTI performance specifications while achieving the aesthetics we demand for all Xero products required us to rethink the current approach to building linear luminaires. The result of this process is new, and patented, method of assembly which allows the XTI products to use diffusers which run the full length of the luminaire.

What do you love about the XTI?

Despite their ruggedised enclosures the XTI products have the same clean lines as our interior products. They have full width diffusers with minimal boarders which present an uninterrupted ribbon of light along the entire luminaire length. They are tough and beautiful.

The XTI series uses Xero’s exclusive boards and drivers – ‘Xeramix 1’ with an industry leading 10 year warranty that has unmatched colour quality throughout life includes combined HE / HO board with 114k hour life to L90 B10.

The optional ‘Xeramix R’ available with 15 year warranty, 1M hours at L70 B10.

All XTI profiles are incrementally length adjustable by 25mm increments.

For more details on the new XTI Infrastructure Product go to – http://xerolighting.com/products/xti-3-0-square-ip66-ik10

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